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Stories that do not only bring you to new worlds but change you and leave you forever breathless…

Modern Epic Fantasy

Where the boots hit the asphalt and the world rests on a knife’s edge.

Dark fantasy

Monsters, Death, and Bloody Action. These rides are not for the faint of heart.


For when things go bump in the night. Stories that bring the darkness into the light and make you wish they stayed there.


Started in 2018, a team of avid readers and writers found the landscape of writing, publishing, and reading as wide as the Pacific Ocean is deep. In a world of so many choices and possibilities there has never been a better time for those who love Genre Fiction as much as we do. The only problem is how wide that ocean is and the difficulty of finding your “next great read”. Never being ones for sitting by and waiting for someone else to fix the problem, Book Furnace Publications was born.

Recent Titles

Dark Choices

The world of Azhana burns with the fires of war. The Republic marches east with dreams of spreading their beliefs and the righteous power of their god, while the free countries of Azhana struggle to keep their lands and people safe from tyranny. The war is endless, the lines of battle are no longer clear, and the enemy is the last person you would expect. Dark Choices will decide who lives or dies.


In a war-torn, fractured America, a lone man walks the desolate highway. Filled with the infected and the last unconnected remnants of society, he heads west carrying with him a single bag over his shoulder and the ghosts he has left in his wake.
Merchant is the first book in a story that will extend the breadth of America and leave in its wake a tale of destruction and redemption.




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