Empowering Christians to Respond to Mental Illnesses and Addictions

“As a pastor this is the type of resource on mental health that I have been looking for.” ~ Pastor Todd Gusler

ISBN: 978-1-943266-11-1

Price: $17.99

STREETLIGHTS is a resource book and discussion guide for Christians and churches who want to learn more about mental illnesses and addictions and hands-on ways to support individuals and families in their churches and communities who are experiencing them.

Combining a study guide for adult discussion groups with a hands-on manual for assisting and supporting someone experiencing a mental illness or addiction, this book will enable Christians and churches to understand:

  •  The Causes and Symptoms of mental illnesses and addictions
  •  The impact on churches, families, individuals, and society     today
  • Ways to reduce stigma in your church and community
  • Emergency response and ongoing treatment options
  • Ways to provide hands-on spiritual, social, and emotional support, in a way that saves lives and promotes good health. 

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A helpful resource empowering the faith community to address the realities of mental illnesses and addictions.”

~ Mary Steffy, retired executive director of Mental Health America, Lancaster, PA.




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